City of Austin Small Biz Survey


DLM recently completed a comprehensive needs assessment for the City of Austin Small Business Division, in partnership with the Austin Independent Business Alliance. The goal was to survey at least 1000 local small business owners to gain insight into their wants and needs for professional development and small business classes or educational offerings in and around the city.

We created an outreach campaign with the URL using the reach line “Let’s Do Something Amazing Together” and set out to bring in locals from all walks of life, all industries, size of business, revenue, education level, business model, etc. We deployed using social media, email outreach and leveraging local partnerships with key organizations in the local business community.

DLM also facilitated as series of focus groups around the city, two for general small business owners and others with a specialty focus on the arts, music and import/export businesses.


The results were strong and the feedback was clear. 
The final report was submitted to City Council for approval and many of the recommendations resulting from our findings are already being implemented by city leadership.