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We make complex ideas easier to understand.

  • Skills Training and Professional Development
  • Interactive events that generate awareness and build community
  • Certifications and Train-the-trainer modules
  • Self-paced demos, live webinars, checklists, tutorials and more
  • K12, College and Continuing Education
  • Product Demos, Walk-Thru Modules & Interactive Video
  • Podcasts, video-casts, custom music and voice-overs
  • Broadcast quality video, green screen and virtual sets
A lot of what we do is edu-marketing.

For many of our clients, education is a pathway to sales. Both live classes and online learning have a role to play, depending on your audience. We understand the difference between lead generation and direct sales. We know how to share a story that tells a much bigger story. We get really excited about breaking down the sales cycle and getting consultative around the needs of each and every potential customer in a one-to-many setting. That’s possible when you’re building curriculum to be flexible, open and engaging.

Sample a live classroom event with guest comments

Results you can measure.

Every DLM project is managed with clear KPI in place. We don’t just set a goal and hope it works out. We respect a deadline and we’ll always be honest with you.

We work with great people.