New Website for Nonprofit AMIBA


DLM designed a new website for nonprofit AMIBA, the American Independent Business Alliance, in support of the buy local movement.

Working with the organization’s board, the DLM team was able to create a fresh new site with upscaled branding and using photos
that represent member organizations. AMIBA is a member-based organization for local-first and other independent business alliances
around the United States. The buy local movement is growing and we were glad to have a chance to provide web design services for AMIBA.

The site’s Member page features interactive features that lead to member organization sites, social media profiles and images to promote those groups.
The Resource Library provides free downloads for promotional materials and templates for many different types of campaigns.
The blog and events modules are also updated in the new site. Overall, we also provided training for internal staff to manage ongoing updates and
content delivery.

View the new site at
We loved building this new website for nonprofit AMIBA, the American Independent Business Alliance, in support of the buy local movement


AMIBA is a strong, nationwide network of Independent Business Alliances, Affiliates and Organizations that support the local movement. We have more than 60 alliances in 30 states + Washington DC, representing more than 50,000 locally owned businesses and organizations across the US. Learn more about AMIBA and become part of the Local Economy Movement at

About DLM’s work with Nonprofits
We have many years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, providing web design, outreach strategy, social media management, event promotion and content development.
Our skill set extends to the nonprofit world with many years of hands-on experience working closely with a number of local, state and national organizations. Our executive team has served on many boards and currently every team member at DLM provides volunteer in kind services to a nonprofit organization. We believe community service is a privilege to be appreciated.

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