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KXAN Spotlight: AI Training for Small Business & Nonprofits

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KXAN features DLM Artificial Intelligence training for small business and nonprofits

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a figment of sci-fi literature but a tangible tool transforming everyday business operations, Distance Learning Media takes pride in providing a platform for growth and learning through our dedicated AI training program Demystifying AI. Our mission to equip small businesses and nonprofits with the knowledge and tools to harness AI for their benefit recently caught the attention of KXAN, who reached out for an in-depth look at how our training programs are helping local business owners and nonprofits.

The Power of AI for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

At the heart of our Demystifying AI course is the belief that AI technology should not be exclusive to tech giants and large corporations. Small businesses and nonprofits stand to gain immensely from AI integration, from automating routine tasks to deep data analysis that can unlock insights previously buried in spreadsheets and databases.

During KXAN’s coverage, we had the opportunity to showcase how our program bridges a gap in tech usage for many people, breaking down complex concepts into actionable knowledge our participants can apply directly to their operations. The emphasis is not on replacing human workers but enhancing their capabilities, making organizations more efficient, responsive, and competitive.

A Participant’s Perspective

The highlight of the KXAN feature was an interview with a recent class participant, Shani Montique–Ahmad. Since integrating AI tools into her organization, she has observed significant improvements in operational efficiency and strategic planning. These tools have not only saved time but also opened new avenues for outreach and fundraising efforts, critical components for any small business’ success.

Her story exemplifies the tangible benefits of AI, emphasizing that with the right training, any organization can overcome the intimidation factor associated with new technology and harness its potential for growth and improvement.

For those interested in viewing the coverage in its entirety, you can find the piece on the KXAN website, which provides further details on the impact of our program and additional participant stories.