When Donating A Kidney…


Giving Life Today is a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas that works to match living kidney donors to those in need of a transplant. Media Direct worked with GLT to produce a series of informational spots that can be played on their website, so that potential donors can get answers to frequently asked questions. We did a series of 10 videos over two days of shooting and about a week of editing. Shot on green screen using a teleprompter and then set the background in a relevant medical scene after the fact. Easy enough.

This project is a great example of keeping it simple. The client came in with a clear script, we brought them into the studio to shoot against a green screen and used a virtual set to make it look as if they were standing in a hospital. We used cut-aways to add b-roll footage in the hospital, added text overlays to emphasize key terminology or important points to remember and using a teleprompter made it easy for the nonprofit executive to deliver the message personally, without having to hire professional onscreen talent and keeping the training engaging and more authentic. Kidney donors who participate will recognize him, making the difficult decision to donate a little bit less stressful.

The whole series is helping Giving Life Today raise awareness and improve the kidney donation experience for their supporters and participants.